BE-COMS – Building E-COMpetencies at School

BE-COMS project intends to involve the new small organization in Small partnerships to promote European citizenship and digital culture and competencies for teaching and learning in the digital era. The project aims to encourage inclusion processes towards targets with fewer opportunities by:
  • collaboration, networking and sharing of experiences and good practices among different countries and channels
  • enhancement of technologies and digital resources for teachers and students through workshops and peer the promotion of peer labs for cultivating reflective and innovative thinking
  • Promoting active citizenship and digital identity in a European perspective by transnational activities.

By sharing best practices and experiences, the project aims to support newcomers in increasing the quality of their activities, strengthening their partner networks and enhancing the internationalization of their actions.

For this purpose, the project carries out 4 main actions closely linked to each other.

1 Good practice workshops for teachers, educators and trainers;
      I WORKSHOP Innovative teaching-learning methodologies - Malaga, 13-14 Ottobre 2022;


2 EDU HUB for the promotion of Peer Labs for School Principals, teachers, educators and trainers;


3 Peer Labs for teachers and students for sharing innovative ideas, methodologies and tools;


4 Contamination Labs.


BE-COMS project has built a partnership among universities, research centres, training institutions, and business companies, including various approaches and experiences:
Project Code: 2021-2-IT02-KA210-SCH-000050392

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